How to Add Access Dots on Android Like iOS14

Did you know that in the iOS 14 operating system, there are new unique features? So, this feature is Access Dots ? What is Access Dot and how do you use it on Android?

This Access Dot is an indicator of the new iOS 14 feature, which will light up when using a camera or microphone . Some time ago Apple released their latest operating system, iOS14. In the news, the latest operating system comes with a large number of improvements.

Of the many features it brings, there is one feature that stands out, namely the camera or microphone indicator when it is on. So on iOS14, every application using a camera or mic will mistake a dot in the top corner of the screen. Well, this dot serves to indicate that the application is running in the background.

Unfortunately this feature is not yet present in the Android operating system. However, for you Android users, you don't need to be discouraged. We can also display indicator points like the one in iOS14. Of course, with a little help from third-party applications, we can get the latest features from Apple. How do you install access dots on our Android smartphone ? Follow the tutorial below until it runs out.


1. We need a 3rd party application, so please download and install the Access Dots application .

2. Open the downloaded Access Dots application . You can immediately choose to activate the button on the home screen of the application. You will be directed to the Accessibility menu, then select Other downloaded services.

3. Select the Access Dots , then activate the Access Dots button .

4. Next return to the home screen, and select the gear icon or the settings menu. To change the color of the dots or dots, all you have to do is select the Camera Access Dot for the camera and the Microphone Access Dot to change the color when the microphone is on.

5. You can return to the old color by selecting the OLD COLOR menu or selecting a new color by tapping the NEW COLOR menu. Then use the Location menu to select the placement of the dots .

6. The results will be more or less like the following image.

That's all for this tutorial , good luck if you encounter difficulties, don't forget to see the video version of the tutorial on the youtube channel inwepo. Don't forget to share with other friends if this tutorial is useful.


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