WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messengger applications used by all people in the world. Even so, it seems as if the WhatsApp developers are always late in adding new features to the application. One of them is the animated sticker feature. The animated sticker that was launched in July was already owned earlier by its competitors, such as LINE and Telegram.

But as the saying goes, it's better to be late than never. After WhatsApp's animated sticker feature came out, this sticker was welcomed by its users. At the beginning of the launch of this animated sticker, it was only in the beta version but for now everyone can use this feature.

As we all know stickers are quite a popular way of communicating on WhatsApp, especially now that there are additional animations that we can see. Of course this adds to the excitement when sending messages to friends or colleagues. Because of this excitement, maybe not a few of you might want to make your own animated stickers. Well, the method turns out to be quite easy as long as you follow the tutorial below properly, you can definitely make your own animated sticker.


1. The first step is the Isticker application so download and install the Isticker application first.

2. Open Google Chrome and type animated GIF or search for a GIF image. Then if you have found the appropriate one, tap and hold on the next image, tap the Download Image menu .

3. Go to the site, select the Webp menu then select GIF to Webp then upload the GIF file that was downloaded earlier by tapping Select File. Next tap the Upload menu.

4. Tap Convert to Webp, then tap the Resize menu to change the size. Make sure to fill the Widht and Height at 512. When you have tap Resize image . Do not forget to download download pictures already on resize is usually the result of the download will be named Ezgif front.

5. Open the Isticker application then tap the Allow menu, then tap the plus icon to start adding new stickers.

6. Enter any image then tap CUT menu then tap SAVE. Remember don't use the back button when you tap the HOME button immediately .

7. Enter File Manager then tap the 3 dots in the right corner then select Show hidden files. Find and open the Isticker folder then select the .stickers folder

8. Select the istickerdir folder - tap and hold the isticker file without a head , then tap the Rename menu and copy the file name.

9. Look for the file that you downloaded from, then rename it according to the isticker name that you copied earlier. Then open the recent app then select Isticker, then tap the ADD TO WHATSAPP menu.

10. Enter the WhatsApp application, then try the animated sticker that you created automatically .

That's How to Make Animated Stickers on WhatsApp Android, for you true whatsapp users you should try this feature. This feature will make your chat with friends in the group much more interesting with animated stickers.


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