How to Make a Circle Border on an Instagram Profile

Who doesn't know Instagram? Today Instagram has become the world's largest photo-sharing social media service. There are many basic reasons why Instagram can be as successful as it is today, besides being easy to use Instagram is also still a company with Facebook so it's no wonder Facebook users are advised to also use Instagram.
Previously, Instagram could only be used to upload short videos and photos. But as we know at this time, we can upload videos with a fairly long duration by relying on IGTV and Story features.
Like other applications or services, of course, if you want to continue to exist, you have to keep updating the features in it, this also continues to be done by Instagram over time.
Various ways can be done to make our Instagram account more attractive, by improving feeds or adding a cool profile picture. In connection with the picture profile, inwepo has tips that many other users may not know about. Namely adding a circle border to the profile photo.
So on your profile photo you will see a circle like if we made a new story. Are you curious about what circle borders are and how to make them? Jump to the following tutorial.


1. Download and install the Canva application first before proceeding to the next step.
2. Open Canva app and login using your social media account or email. If you have, tap the plus icon in the lower right corner. Next select the Instagram square canvas size 1080 × 1080 pixels then tap the checklist.
3. Tap the plus icon again, scroll the menu and select the Illustration menu.
4. Next select the frame menu, scroll down until you find the circle shape as shown, then tap and select to continue.
5. Give permission to access the application to access files on the smartphone , then tap Gallery and select the photo that you want to make your Instagram profile photo.
6. Tap plus again, enter the illustration menu again and in the search field type circle .
7. Select a circle shape or circle as shown. Pick a color and arrange the circles to fit on the edges of the photo.

8. If you have tap the download icon above to save the edits to the gallery. Next open your Instagram profile and tap edit profile.
9. Tap Change Profile Photo, and select the photo that has been edited via Canva earlier. So the results will be as below.
That's the tutorial on how to make a circle border on your Instagram profile, good luck!


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