How to Overcome Applications Not Installed on Android

How to Overcome Applications Not Installed on Android

The following solutions can help you to end the app not installed issue on Android. And it allows you to install the applications you want on your Android smartphone. If this solution doesn't work for you don't forget to mention it via the comments menu below. We will help you with possible solutions. But make sure you follow the instructions in this article first and go through the steps shown in this article.

1. How to Overcome Applications Not Installed on Android By Restarting the Android Device

The first way is to restart the Android smartphone that you have. This is the first thing to do if you are having problems with the smartphone you have. Most of the problems or problems will be resolved by restarting Android.
How to solve the application not installed by restarting Android:
  1. Press and hold the Power button until a menu appears.
  2. Select Shut down or Restart if there are those options.
  3. If necessary, press and hold the Power button until the Android device turns off and back on.

2. How to Overcome Applications Not Installed on Android By Checking Storage Space and SD Card

Google Play Protect also plays a major role in the issue of apps not being installed. Google Play Protect automatically detects apps that are not available on the Play Store and does not allow them to be installed. If you're trying to install an app that's not available on the Play Store, it's possible that the app won't install. You can install the application by disabling Google Play Protect.
How to solve apps not installed by disabling Google Play Protect:
  1. First, open the Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Click on the Menu icon in the form of three lines on the top left.
  3. Find Play Protect and open it.
  4. On Play Protect , click on the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  5. Disable Scan device for security threats by tapping the toggle button.
  6. After successfully installing the app, turn on and re-enable the Play Protect feature .

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4.How to Overcome Uninstalled Applications on Android Give Permission to Install Unknown Applications

Android devices need the necessary permissions to install unknown apps for security reasons. This is one of the reasons the application is not installed on Android. Follow the steps to resolve applications not installed on Android below by giving access so that Android can install applications from other sources.
Install Unknown Apps on Pre-Oreo Android Devices (Nougat, Marshmallow, etc.)
  1. Enter the Settings menu / Settings of the Android device and go to the Security / Privacy menu .
  2. Then on the next screen look for the Unknown sources menu and activate it.
  3. Confirm on the pop up menu that appears.
Install Unknown Apps on Android Oreo and Android P Devices
  1. Enter the Settings menu of the Android device and go to the Applications & notifications menu .
  2. On the Apps & notifications screen, select on Special app access . Then select Install unknown applications .
  3. Select Chrome if you downloaded the application file from the Chrome browser. If not, select the browser you are using. On the next screen, activate the toggle for Allow from this source
When you select the Reset app preferences option above, you'll get a popup menu saying what to expect. Tap on Reset app to initiate changes.
Those are some ways to solve applications not installed on Android that you can do. If there are problems in doing the above method, please ask questions via the comments menu at the bottom of this page.


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